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Dr Luisa Franco Diaz
Editor NCAGD

"Principles and Protocols to Establish Advanced Adhesive Dentistry in Your Everyday Practice" 

 August 2019 Seminar

NCAGD had a great Summer Seminar titled "Principles and Protocols to Establish Advanced Adhesive Dentistry in Your Everyday Practice." The speaker was Dr Troy Schmedding from Walnut Creek, California.

Dr. Schmedding speaks and teaches nationally as well as internationally on both aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

He discussed the goal every practitioner should have while heading into any procedure, it is to be able to provide their patients the optimal restoration in the most conservative fashion. In the last 25 years, there have been major advancements in material science, research and techniques. However, many of these advancements have not been implemented in the majority of dental practices.

The full day course reviewed techniques, materials and key research about tooth preservation and gave an introduction on how to perform advanced adhesion dentistry simply in the office. He lectured on advanced adhesion techniques in delivering superior direct and indirect restorations. Dr Schmedding discussed Air Abrasion in Adhesive Dentistry, immediate dentin seal, the best choice for cementation of today’s ceramics, optimal aesthetics with little to no preparation, proper temporization for Minimally Invasive Preparations and demystifying the selection process for the best bonding/adhesive strategies.

Dr Schmedding's course was well-received by the attendees, dentists from recent graduate to 40 years in practice. There were several Sponsors that day who had a chance to speak and introduce their products. There was a Raffle Drawing at the end of the day, the sponsors donated towards the Raffle Prize.

The successful Sunday event had attendees from Elk Grove, Sacramento area to Orange

County, Southern CA. Our event was held in Hilton Garden Inn, San Mateo, CA. This venue is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is 9 miles from SFO Airport. The attendees found it very accessible via Hwy 92, Freeway 101 and 880.

We are happy to announce our upcoming Fall CE Seminar with the topic: Annual OSHA Training & Infection Control - Are We Safe?

Nancy Dewhirst BS, RDH will be lecturing on Sunday, November 3, 2019 in San Mateo, CA. The 6 CE unit event is open to Dentists, RDH, RDA and Dental Staff Members.

We encourage early registration to accommodate your entire team/staff.

For more details and to register, go to NCAGD.COM

We look forward to seeing you in our future seminars and events!


NCAGD Fellow Track Program Student seminar 

This April, the Northern California AGD FellowTrack advisors brought together both UCSF and
UOP dental students in San Francisco for an unique learning experience with Dr. John
DiPonziano on guided bone regeneration. The course was intended to introduce students to
detailed bone augmentation techniques as well as each other. Our goals were to create a non-
competitive learning environment and establish camaraderie. The coming together fostered an
academic swapping of minds and background knowledge. Students were able to interact and
start many dialogues. By the end of the course, a better relationship was formed as
representatives from both schools were discussing future plans for more CE courses together.
Each year we encourage young minds to share data and experiences. We hope to instill an
understanding that general dentists need each other to be successful in our career and
communities. We are better together. Our voices and concerns are supported through the
organized chapters and regional delegates of the AGD. Therefore, it is important to partake in
membership and be active within the AGD to ensure general dentists will continue to thrive after
dental school. These students have a head start. They understand the value of cooperation and
fellowship. We would like to congratulate both schools for putting together a successful
presentation and many thanks to UOP students for hosting.
Best wishes to all the students.

FellowTrack advisors:
Thien Vu, DDS, MAGD
Gurrinder Atwal, DDS, MAGD

Letter by Dr. Thien Vu - May 2019

Sometimes a story can be summed up with just a picture. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to a Leadership Development Symposium put on by the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) in Chicago. There, I met other dentists volunteering their time for the betterment of our organization and advocating for policies to advance community service and general dentists. There were young and old faces, people who have been doing this for at least 30 years. As a new leader in organized dentistry, I met and networked with dentists from all over the country. I even found a dentist for my patient who is moving to Austin, TX in 2 weeks.

The AGD fosters a reunion mindset at their conferences. Everyone is family. We learn and eat together. Here in this picture are the representatives from California, from north to south. We were dining with the current AGD president at dinner. He said he would pay the bill so naturally, we welcomed him. But our regional director ended up getting the check. Maybe at the next meeting, we will give him the bill. During the conference, everyone was in the mode to learn and share ideas. We were all focused on how we can contribute more and better guidelines to our constituents. But at dinner, it was different. We were cousins getting together and catching up. Of course, there were lots of harassment and jokes. The funniest comments came from the head of the table, yes, that guy sitting all by his lonesome self. The same guy that will be paying our bill at the next dinner.

The 2 days symposium was a great experience. We all share the same goals and were able to discuss strategies together. Making new friends is also great. Supportive new friends are even better. That’s another beauty to this symposium. The camaraderie was amazing. In the real world, dentists don’t support each other enough. At this symposium, I am thankful to the AGD for its investment in its members and leaders. I am also thankful to my colleagues for the fun and learning opportunities. Like old friends, I miss them already.

Thien H. Vu, DDS, MAGD

A Center for Dental Excellence

1660 Hillsdale Ave. Ste. 170

San Jose, CA 95124

(408) 267-1660

GP News Flash - June 2014

  • Four Asset Protection Considerations for Dental Professionals

Tom O’Brien, CFP,® CLU®
San Mateo, CA

Michael T. Carney, Esq
San Mateo, CA

As a dentist who owns your own practice, you try to operate your business according to the letter of the law. Further, you may find yourself needing to defend your practice and, if not prepared, your entire pool of personal assets as well. With problems like this, preparing for your final years in practice can turn into a constant struggle and cause your revenue to decline. This negatively affects your desired sale price and requires as a best case scenario that you continue practicing well past your chosen “end date.” In a worst case scenario, where your health precludes you from working, you are forced to live a radically reduced lifestyle in retirement.

Dentists and business owners face many risks that cause financial hardships, such as, but not limited to:

  1. Malpractice Liability – You and your family are also personally liable for the malpractice of dentists who are your partners
  2. Employment Practices Liability – lawsuits by former or current employees
    a. Sexual harassment
    b. Hostile work environment
    c. Age, race, and disability discrimination
  3. Breaches of patient confidentiality and protected health information
  4. Personal injury liabilities – lawsuits by those injured on your business premises
  5. Contract Liabilities – lawsuits by business associates, including
    a. Landlord
    b. Vendor/Supplier
    c. Banks and other lenders

While many of these risks may be unavoidable, there are solutions that allow you to help protect your family and your estate through proper preparation and practice-structuring.

  1. An important step you can consider to help insulate your family and personal belongings from your dental practice is to make sure your practice is legally set up in a way that works for your needs, whether that be an S or C Corp, to name two. With the help of a legal advisor, properly structuring your business may also help provide some protection from the malpractice liability of other dentists you may be associated with. However, if you do not consistently respect the boundaries between your corporation (if that is the structure of your practice) and your personal assets, the corporation structure may not protect you.
  2. Work with an attorney to develop strong language for any contracts you create, all employee training manuals and your HIPAA policies. A strong way to protect your assets is by preventing the lawsuit from the beginning.
  3. Save and invest your money in ERISA-qualified retirement accounts which offer creditor and bankruptcy protection. While a SEP IRA, or Traditional IRA may be convenient, utilizing a qualified plan like a 401k or Defined-Benefit Plan can help provide your retirement funds with an added layer of security.
  4. Consider appropriate insurance products designed specifically for some of the risks you face: malpractice, premises liability, employment practices liability, death, etc. However, insurance alone is not enough; insurance can have high premiums, require proof of insurability, have limits to their coverage, require co-insurance through deductibles, and can deny claims. So, it may be beneficial to combine insurance with some of the other tools and strategies discussed above.

Tom O’Brien, CFP®, CLU®, is a financial advisor with SGC Financial & Insurance Services and specializes in serving dental and medical professionals. [email protected]

Michael T. Carney, Esq., is an attorney in San Mateo whose practice focuses on business law and estate planning for dentists, physicians, and other licensed professionals. [email protected]

This information should not be considered as specific tax or legal advice. You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your own specific tax or legal situation. SGC is independently owned and operated. Tom is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc., Securities Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC. CA Insurance Lic: 0G22627 Tom O'Brien, SGC and SFS are not affiliated with Michael Carney
Trk #923206 and DOFU 05-2014

  • Why Attend the AGD Annual Meeting 2014

Tim Verceles, DDS, MAGD
CAGD President
Hayward, CA

Rethink. Refresh. Renew is this year’s theme for the AGD Annual Meeting.The dental profession is evolving rapidly, and the Academy of General Dentistry can provide you with the tools you need to adapt and thrive in this changing environment.

It is not too late to join us in the Motor City for the AGD Annual Meeting in Detroit, Michigan.The meeting begins on Thursday, June 26th with an opening session featuring former NBA star and former Detroit mayor, Dave Bing and Ralph Gilles, CEO of the Chrysler Group. Bing is one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History” and a leader who helped lay the foundation for Detroit’s recent revitalization, and Gilles is one of America’s top engineering minds and a designer who has helped turn around Chrysler’s finances and reputation.

The educational lineup is stellar with a wide array of participation and lecture courses from dentistry’s top speakers including Dr. John Kois, Dr. Carl Misch and Dr. Ron Jackson.The exhibit hall will host over 100 companies showcasing the latest dental products and technologies.

On Saturday, June 28,th new AGD fellows, Masters and Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition recipients will be recognized at the 2014 Convocation Ceremony. The ceremony will be followed by the President’s Celebration to Honor Fellows and Masters, where attendees will enjoy dinner with friends, celebrate the achievements of their peers and dance the night away to the sounds of Motown.

Explore America’s comeback city from our centrally located host hotel, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.Adjacent to the AGD Headquarters hotel is the Detroit International Riverfront a 5.5 mile promenade that ends at Belle Isle Park, the largest city-owned park in the USA. Annual meeting attendees may also purchase tickets for guided tours of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House and the Henry Ford Museum.Other notable Detroit attractions include the Motown Historical Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit! Visit www.agd2014.org to register!

  • Share What the CAGD Is Doing on Behalf of the General Dentist with Your Colleagues

The CAGD website’s “Advocacy Page” is updated with videos of CAGD members’ testimonies at the dental board of California meeting.

Thanks to GPNewsFlash Contributors

The CAGD appreciates the contribution of many professionals who share their experience to improve the practice of dentistry. Contact us at [email protected] and share your dental experience.

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