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Photo Gallery

  • NCAGD Annual Meeting November 2015
  • Dr.Dickerson Course May 2015
  • NCAGD Annual Meeting November 2014
  • NCAGD Member Appreciation Dinner, Aug. 11, 2018
  • CAGD Board Meeting, San Francisco, Sept. 8, 2018
  • NCAGD Member Appreciation Dinner, Dec 2, 2018 (video)
  • NCAGD Fellow Track Seminar 2019
  • Guided Bone Regeneration 2019
  • AGD Leadership Symposium 2019
  • NCAGD Election & GBR Seminar 4/1/19 (Video)
  • AGD Student Awards Dinner at UCSF 2019
  • Advanced Adhesive Dentistry, Aug 25,2019
  • UCSF & UOP AGD student body, Sept 2019

NCAGD Fellow Track Seminar attended by UOP & UCSF Students 2019






Dr. John DiPonziano lectured on Guided Bone Regeneration in UOP 2019




AGD Leadership Development Symposium, April 12-13, in Chicago 2019











Presenter: Dr. Gurrinder Atwal

Recipients (L-R): Nidhi Nangia and Annie Hsu



"Principles and Protocols to Establish Advanced Adhesive Dentistry in Your Everyday Practice"                      

NCAGD had a great Summer Seminar titled "Principles and Protocols to Establish Advanced Adhesive Dentistry in Your Everyday Practice." The speaker was Dr Troy Schmedding from Walnut Creek, California.

Dr. Schmedding speaks and teaches nationally as well as internationally on both aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

He discussed the goal every practitioner should have while heading into any procedure, it is to be able to provide their patients the optimal restoration in the most conservative fashion. In the last 25 years, there have been major advancements in material science, research and techniques, however, many of these advancements have not been implemented in the majority of dental practices.

The full day course reviewed techniques, materials and key research about tooth preservation and gave an introduction on how to perform advanced adhesion dentistry simply in the office. He lectured on advanced adhesion techniques in delivering superior direct and indirect restorations. Dr Schmedding discussed Air Abrasion in Adhesive Dentistry, immediate dentin seal, the best choice for cementation of today’s ceramics, optimal aesthetics with little to no preparation, proper temporization for Minimally Invasive Preparations and demystifying the selection process for the best bonding/adhesive strategies.





August 2019 Seminar

Dr Schmedding's course was well-received by the attendees, dentists from recent graduate to 40 years in practice. There were several Sponsors that day who had a chance to speak and introduce their products. There was a Raffle Drawing at the end of the day, the sponsors donated towards the Raffle Prize.

The successful Sunday event had attendees from Elk Grove, Sacramento area to Orange

County, Southern CA. Our event was held in Hilton Garden Inn, San Mateo, CA. This venue is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is 9 miles from SFO Airport. The attendees found it very accessible via Hwy 92, Freeway 101 and 880.

We are happy to announce our upcoming Fall CE Seminar with the topic: Annual OSHA Training & Infection Control - Are We Safe?

Nancy Dewhirst BS, RDH will be lecturing on Sunday, November 3, 2019 in San Mateo, CA. The 6 CE unit event is open to Dentists, RDH, RDA and Dental Staff Members.

We encourage early registration to accommodate your entire team/staff.

For more details and to register, go to NCAGD.COM

We look forward to seeing you in our future seminars and events!






Dr Luisa Franco Diaz

Editor NCAGD


UCSF & UOP AGD student body with Fellow Tract advisors Dr. Gurrinder Atwal & Dr Thien Vu planning for future "LUNCH & LEARN LECTURES  plus HANDS-ON COURSES for students. Meeting took place in  San Francisco, Sept 2019


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