Friday, May 27, 2022
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Dental Students

Students getting educated to become dentists need and have all our support to help them flourish and become contributing members of the  dental community, both locally and on a national level. NCAGD and AGD provide special benefits for students who wish to become members with the AGD.

    Reduced Membership Rates

Dental students can avail benefits of an AGD membership at just $15 per year

    Annual Meetings and Conferences

AGD encourages dental students to attend as many conferences and educational events as possible, and does so at a minimal price or at no cost whatsoever, on an event to event basis. Visit AGD's Annual Meeting and Exhibits link for more details.


Subscriptions to AGD publications like General Dentistry and AGD Impact is included within the membership fee.

    Educational Resources

We recognize the value of a well-rounded education and make available podcasts, case studies and educational blog articles to our student members. 

    Insurance Discounts

AGD student members receive special offers on student liability insurance for board exams, medical, and life insurance from Dentist’s Advantage.


Ensure a favorable career by becoming an AGD member and taking advantage of the Job listings on the AGD website. 


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Student Continuing Education FAQsPdf
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